How to get Yourself Recruited with a College Sports Scholarship!

One thing is certain, no matter whether it’s DI, DII, DIII, or NAIA, college is Expensive! There is a scholarship for every student athlete that studies hard, trains hard, and promotes themselves!

  1. Academics – Get good grades.
  2. Play travel, middle school, and high school sports. (Compete against the best in your talent category)
  3. Be on top of your stats. Capture them from your coaches, websites, or have a parent keep them for you.
  4. Make videos, take pictures – Can be done easily with a phone, a coach, a parent, or team mate.
  5. Train at practice, but Train more between practices and attend camps to better your practice skills.
  6. Decide how close or how far from home that you are willing to go to college.
  7. Google your college programs of choice and the colleges that fit the travel time from home.
  8. After finding the programs, go to the college websites with those programs and find the sport of choice and gather the coach’s emails. Good idea to get all coaches emails and phone numbers on the staff.
  9. Once you have gathered the email addresses and phone numbers from above, send emails with any or all info via common email or email your link of a website that you have created (best method to stand out). Every time there is a change to your schedule, stats, videos, events, etc. Always a reason to send an email to update a coach.
  10. Once contacted by a coach, communicate effectively as an adult and answer any questions that they might have or they can answer any questions that you may have.
  11. Enjoy Your Journey! The Time is Now to Get Yourself Recruited!