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PlaceBig helped me relieve the stress of getting recruited in high school and even my stress of transferring colleges. PlaceBig helped me stand out in the transfer portal to find my new home. After transferring from my first university, I regained confidence in my sport and met some of my best friends thanks to PlaceBig. This platform allowed me to showcase my skills to college coaches all over the country to find the right fit for me. The customizable profile page with its unique link helped me get noticed by college coaches with ease. The PlaceBig staff was available to answer any questions I had, and provided me with the information needed to set up my profile with no problems. They have been encouraging throughout my recruiting and transferring process, and helped me reach my goals in college athletics.

Softball player swinging at ball.

Carly T. - College Softball Athlete

King U./Wright St. U./Charleston U.

PlaceBig is a great tool for families to use during the recruiting process.  It makes the athlete responsible for their own recruiting path and makes them their own recruiting success.  They have full control over their own website and I feel this is very important for them to have ownership over their future.

Former NCAA Division 1 Softball Coach – Coached College Softball for Over 23 Years

Jodi H-C

Owner - Triple Play Training

PlaceBig is an amazing tool that will increase the likelihood that the student athlete will get recruited.  College coaches like myself need up to date information about potential recruits. This is where PlaceBig shines.  Student athletes can customize their profiles to include all relevant information about their playing careers.  This includes stats, experience, videos, accolades, and so much more.  PlaceBig will definitely help student athletes get one step closer to their dream of getting recruited to play in college.

Brett S. - College Coach helped my family and I find the school that gave me a scholarship in a very short amount of time. Once I started my website, added all of my teams, stats, events, and info, I emailed the link to my customized website that separated me from those athletes that just sent emails. The coaches started coming to watch me and I am playing college ball due to publishing my hard work on my website using

Jade E. - College Softball

My family and I used other recruiting services, only to waste our money. We signed up on the platform to create our son’s website to illustrate his hard work, training, and competition. Once he started emailing his link to his own website to coaches, they started responding back and watching his website for updates. The end result, a scholarship to a school that he wanted to go to.

Chris S. - High School Soccer Coach and Father