The 33% Rule for getting recruited

33%Play the sport that you love to play. Then, seek out the teams that are suited for you to compete at for the age that you are currently. Make sure to Progress to the optimum teams that you can every year for your area. Don’t make the mistake year after year to play with friends that doesn’t give you the best fit for playing the best competition in your area of travel. It is the only way to get better at your craft.

33%Train to be stronger, faster, and detailed for the position or positions that you play. But also, be smarter academically in school so that your GPA is the best that it can be. Talk to other athletes to see where they train and remember, practice with the team is not enough. Train with instructors, learn new drills, and video sessions to get better at your craft. Keep track of your progress, this reinforces that what you are doing is working. If it’s not working switch to what does.

33%Promote Yourself via email, social media, and other avenues. Signing up for your own FREE website at is a great way to promote yourself once you input all of your valuable information with your branded link to email coaches as well.

99% – All that you need for that Valuable College Scholarship!